Text Message Archiving in Financial Companies

As the years passed, thousands of people shift from email to SMS, social media and other messaging apps to connect and communicate. Anyone who needs to preserve certain information for future reference or for emergency purposes will benefit from message archiving.

Many people archive data to help declutter their email inbox and message threads. This helps to create a more organized space. 

Archiving software monitors text messages to ensure that all data is collected and stored securely without the possibility of third-party users’ access.

Archiving messages can help to prevent data loss and comply with compliance risks. This can be beneficial for entities. 

Finance, for instance, is an industry that is highly regulated. Several moving parts and data points must be monitored and recorded in order to stay protected and be compliant with the rules. 

Record keeping and archiving electronic communication data is a critical part of regulatory compliance for banks and financial companies.

Many financial regulators implemented that text messages and call recordings must be archived. 

The Hong Kong Securities & Features Commission or Hong Kong SFC implements rules and regulations obliging financial companies to conduct SFC recording of mobile messages and capture voice calls. Non-compliance can cause damage to the reputation of a company. 

SFC archiving of data such as emails and messages enables the long-term retention and storage of information in accordance with the SFC regulatory requirements for electronic communication capture, storage, and monitoring. The information is then stored in a secure location, particularly information that is critical for a business or organization. 

Entities need to be able to access information and data frequently, as well as keep current data that can be accessed quickly. Companies can stay productive and in line with current trends by data and message archiving.

It receives MMS and SMS messages from various mobile carriers and stores them centrally. Once the information or data has been successfully sent to the archive router, all data are deleted from it.

An archiving software can also perform electronic discovery or eDiscoverysearch based on recipients, content, or other meta-data. This is useful when a business is suspected of being part of a legal proceeding and investigation. 


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